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It's time to build a world you want to see.

Elevate progress. One Note at a time.

Apply to be a Love Note Exchange. Become a digital bank and use your purpose to ignite progress.

Watch How to Become a
Love Note Exchange

The Love Note Treasury is igniting a movement centered around love, community, and growth. We're ecstatic to extend a unique invitation to your brand, offering you the opportunity to embrace our community of love through Love Notes.


Be an Influencer Exchange Who "Distributes Love" and witness your brand grow solid with mission, purpose, and results towards community restoration.

Join the Love Note Exchange Program!

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Why Become a Love Note Exchange?

Unlock a World of Opportunities

Be Part of a Growing Movement

  • Participate in a Movement: Be part of something extraordinary – a movement that celebrates love, community, and growth while making a real impact.

  • The Power of A Growing Love Note Community: Our Love Note community is vibrant, with over 3,000+ Love Note Holders. But it's not stopping there. With the backing of our social media influencers and their vast networks, this community has the potential to grow into the millions. This is your chance to be a part of a rapidly expanding movement.

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Strengthen Customer Connections

  • Distribute Love Notes: Enable Love Note acceptance on your merchant site, empowering customers to redeem Love Notes and experience exclusive savings.

  • Strengthen Your Customer Base: Connect with a dynamic community when you open your doors to a thriving community of Love Note Holders. This dedicated audience is ready to support businesses like yours that share their values.

  • Boost Sales and Loyalty: With the Love Note program, you'll not only increase your sales but also foster loyalty among Love Note Holders. Build loyalty by backing your brand with a mission of love!


Showcase Your Brand

  • Showcase Your Values: Being a Love Note Exchange is more than just a business decision; It’s a powerful statement about your commitment to our community and your dedication to making the world a better place.

  • Stand Out in Your Community: Elevate your visibility by being featured on our Love Influencers’ site, gaining recognition and respect within the community.

  • Featured on Love Influencers Site: Get featured on our Love Influencers’ site, gaining additional exposure within our network.

  • Discounts on Influencers Sponsor Ad Placement: Benefit from discounts on Influencers featured sponsor ad placements, amplifying your reach and visibility.

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Become a Love Note
Exchange Hub!

Don't miss out on the chance to be part of something extraordinary. Distribute Love Notes, elevate your brand, and make a profound impact on your community. Become a Love Note Exchange today.

Representing the Ark of the Covenant.

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