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It's time to build a world you want to see.

The Flow of Love

Where affectionate gestures and philanthropy intertwine seamlessly.

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Give and ye shall receive.

How it Works

The Love Note is a symbol of giving love and receiving love.

When you show love you will receive 1oz of unlimited love back. All Love Notes can be used to obtain discounted goods, services, and perks from vendors in our network creating the world's first infinite universal coupon. 


Where to Find Your Love Note Code

Note and redeemable serial numbers are sent by email. Please check your spam or promotions tab if you do not see the digital Love Note. In your email you will receive a message where you will click view order. A new window will open where you will click to see your codes as shown.

Love Notes Code Screenshot .webp

Representing the Ark of the Covenant.

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